The Most Important Lessons In Business Can Be Learned Waiting Tables


My childhood dream was to become a waitress. Every Career Day from 1st until 5th grade, I went to school with a tray and apron. I should mention, this was because I saw an Arrid Extra Dry commercial featuring a waitress whose outfit I liked. Yes, my early career ambitions were based solely on a 1980’s deodorant commercial.

My dream came true when I was 19.

It’s been more than 10 years since I last clipped on a pager and apron or carried a Guest Check, but I still have recurring nightmares that I forgot to deliver drinks to table 31 or that I forgot to fire table 22’s filets. I still harbor a fear of the number 86 and fight the temptation to run to the kitchen every time my phone vibrates.guest check

Waiting tables is not easy and if you think it is, you’re either not doing it right or you’ve never done it…

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